Employee Onboarding


CoreSphere can leverage a wealth of experience to deliver either a custom or platform-based onboarding experience that will engage new employees and make them feel like they’re part of the team.  Employees know that having to use a variety of different tools, all with different business processes and points of contact, can be frustrating when starting a new position.  CoreSphere can implement a seamless onboarding experience so the employee arrives on day one ready to work, rather than having to spend the first days completing paperwork and waiting on logistical challenges.  CoreSphere has delivered and continues to enhance a custom onboarding solution for the Department of the Treasury which automates completion of all required form based paperwork.  CoreSphere also has expertise with leading SaaS/PaaS platforms allowing for streamlining of the onboarding experience.

Existing custom solution developed for the federal government in compliance with OPM EOD system requirements

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Personalized experience that supports mobile access and guidance through the onboarding process

Ability to integrate with organization-specific third party tools

Platform solution allows for process consolidation across departments to deliver a seamless experience for the new employee


  • Mobile Accessible

  • Section 508 Compliant

  • Scalable to support hiring increases

  • Robust dashboard view enabling management to view onboarding progress

  • Federal and State Tax solution that supports all 50 US States and Puerto Rico

  • Supports electronic signature

  • Personalized experience to foster new employee inclusion

  • Guided workflow to enable new employee self-service

  • Ability to give feedback to enable CoreSphere to strive for continuous improvement


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