Grants Management

CoreSphere’s Grants Management Solution allows for tracking, managing, and reporting on grants along with a fully functional Grantee Portal. On our cloud-based application, you gain an in-depth understanding on critical performance measures around your grant management activities. 


CoreSphere's Grants Management supports applicants with tracking and collaboration tools, automated emails, and visual cues to help streamline actions. Throughout the full grant lifecycle, CRM is centralized, which simplifies the process on all sides. Built using the platform,  our Grants Management solution possesses powerful grant aquisition features and expanse file storage. This solution continues to be enhanced and is currently in use by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. 
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This easy and customizable interface enables users to mimic their existing work-flow in minutes. Our intuitive builder provides the ability to add stages, specify application rules & triggers, task creation, approval processes, and more.


This robust solution includes integrated reporting and dashboard features, capable of comprehensive tracking. Our powerful and customizable dashboards deliver unparalleled value.  


Simplify your cluttered, redundant, and complex processes through automation. Instantly receive reminders and notifications that will help keep you on track, maximize your efficiency by automating the sorting and routing of applications, and automate workflow and approval management. 


Our secure online portal allows for reviewers to share and collaborate on reviews. With an added bridge of communication between applicants and reviewers, our grants management solution provides unique organization and transparency from start to finish. 


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