Industry Solutions

CoreSphere has delivered numerous industry solutions and offers these solutions as an accelerated implementation solution to our customers. These solutions offer a base configuration that can be utilized by our customers to reduce implementation cost and shorten implementation timeframes by leveraging an initial application configuration. Our portfolio of available solutions continues to grow and currently the following Industry Accelerated Solutions are available.


Grants Management

Our Grants Management Accelerated Industry Solution offers a cloud based grant application, management and reporting system using the platform.


This application allows for tracking, managing and reporting on grants along with a fully functional Grantee Portal. Customers can gain an understanding on critical performance measures around their grant management activities using CoreSphere’s Grants Management Solution.


This robust solution includes integrated reporting and dashboard features for a comprehensive tracking and management solution.


The solution continues to be enhanced and is currently in production use by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).


Personnel Security Investigation

Our PSI solution is a powerful cloud-based application built on the platform. Built to simplify and adapt to any cumbersome and complex investigation process, the CoreSphere PSI solution ensures 360-degree case management, audit trails and history tracking and reporting of all critical investigation activities to guarantee proper vetting of candidates throughout the lifecycle of the investigation.

Pre-built with an intuitive and customizable user interface, our PSI solution not only simplifies the process, but amplifies the user experience to manage each investigation, accurately tracking all investigation activities and critical elements in real time while documenting all historical, pertinent personnel, contract and investigation information in a user-friendly interface. Our product automates background investigation process with flexible workflow controls, access to powerful analytics and dashboards, collaboration tools for internal and external workers as well as the complete audit tracking for compliance with agency regulations.

CoreSphere’s PSI is a game changer for any organization that is looking to enable and empower its staff and management teams with a robust case management, tracking, reporting and analytics capabilities that can quickly adapt and adjust to meet all personnel investigation requirements.


Program and Budget Tracking Toolkit

Our Program and Budget Tracking Toolkit Accelerated Industry Solution offers a cloud based application built on the platform designed specifically for the needs of Public Sector customers but can also be used by commercial customers.


The solution is ideal for Public Sector IT Organizations to manage budget requests and approval processes and overall Program Management and Tracking activities.


Solution includes tracking of Platforms, Applications, Projects, Milestones, Requirements, Technical Components, Risks, Issues, Budget and Expenses, Artifacts, Team Members and Resources and Defects.


Customers can gain an understanding of their portfolio of Programs, Projects, Platforms and Applications across the enterprise.


This robust solution includes integrated reporting and dashboard features for a comprehensive tracking and management solution.  The solution continues to be enhanced with new features.


Strategic Account Planning

Our Strategic Account Planning Accelerated Industry Solution offers a cloud based Strategic Account Planning and reporting solution. The solution allows customers to develop an account plan and assess their relationship with strategic customers and develop an Account Plan to nurture a strategic account relationship and grow business opportunities. The solution merges data into a professional Account Planning template for presentatble Account Plans.  Assessment criteria, templates and other metrics can be customized to meet each customers business process.  The solution is currently in production use by the General Services Administration (GSA), Public Building Service (PBS).