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NASPO ValuePoint


Citizen Engagement Platforms Portfolio Offering - CareSphere Accelerator

In July 2021 CoreSphere was awarded a Master Agreement with the NASPO ValuePoint Citizen Engagement Platform Portfolio. State, Local, and Non-profit entities can utilize this contract vehicle to directly procure online platforms where citizens can access government applications and services available on the web, including our CareSphere package of accelerators, without the need for a full formal procurement process. CareSphere includes pre-built functionalities for case management and service delivery, and includes Human Services-specific Data Models, Functionality, and Business Processes. CareSphere was the highest-scoring solution in its category, and its inclusion and top ranking as a solution offering on a NASPO vehicle is a significant achievement and vote of confidence that we are very proud of.

CareSphere is a comprehensive, vet modular. Client Information and Case Management System that leverages the power of the Salesforce Platform. Built specifically for Health and Human Services Agencies, this Cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution supports child welfare, adult care. home care. Medicaid waivers housing, and many other social services programs to help drive successful outcomes for underserved populations.

Product Features

  • Program Management

  • Referral/Intake Process

  • Client Management

  • Forms and Document Collection

  • Service Provider Portal

  • Resource Directory

  • Staff Management

  • Questionnaires

  • Service Planning, Delivery, and Discharge

  • Client & Family Portal 

  • Reports and Dashboards

CareSphere Modules.png

Awarded: 09/15/2021   Expiration: 09/14/2026   Renewals Limit: 09/14/2028

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