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CoreSphere has partnered with State/Local agencies to revolutionize the way they serve their respective populations from effectively delivering health and human services to streamlining customer resolution processes. We continue to be on the cutting-edge of public service improvement enabling our clients to continue to modernize their systems to meet the needs of the community.

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case studies


Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority


program overview

CoreSphere deployed the full range of Salesforce solutions including Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Social Studio, and Einstein Analytics to develop an outreach and engagement platform that combines social media listening, customer service, and analytics to serve 45M customers annually.

our solution

MWAA engaged CoreSphere to modernize their customer support, social media listening, and overall customer engagement capabilities:

  • Fully integrated Salesforce Service Cloud Console in lighting based customer support solution, feeding from an existing “Contact Us” webpage and from posts on social media when necessary

  • Automated case routing based upon criteria and case assignment rules

  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud / Social Studio to monitor social media activity, address posts directly, analyze trends over multiple accounts, and create cases into Service Cloud at the click of a button that can be automatically routed based upon the same assignment rules used in “Contact Us” page

  • API integration of HappyOrNot customer satisfaction survey tool then reports in Salesforce to analyze actionable trends in customer response


Benefits / results

  • Improved customer experience and engagement by reducing response time and case routing to SMEs who can tackle difficult customer issues

  • Social media monitoring with post visibility, engagement, and analysis

  • Automated case creation from social media posts that need to have further action by customer support with automatic case routing/assignment

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