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#TeamCoreSphere: Celebrating Our Employees

CoreSphere is building a company that celebrates its employees for their extraordinary efforts. Throughout the month of January, CoreSphere will recognize and highlight some of its employees who have done exceptional work throughout the past year. Nominated by colleagues, these employees went above and beyond to help the team succeed. We're so lucky and honored to have these employees apart of our CoreSphere team!

Employee Awards

CoreSphere's Annual Employee Awards is a true testament to the achievements of our staff and we want to recognize and celebrate them with the whole team. This is an annual opportunity to nominate yourself or a fellow colleague for the four employee awards: Employee of the Year*, Manager of the Year, Technologist of the Year, and Functional Star of the Year. Below are our award winners for 2020:

Congratulations Sean O'Brien, Senior Project Manager, for winning Manager of the Year!🎉 Sean is an incredible leader who brings a positive attitude to every project.

Congratulations Salim Ali, Senior Business Analyst, for winning Functional Star of the Year!🎉 Salim's dedication to excellence is shown through many aspects of our company's successes.

Congratulations Cliff Stewart, Principal ServiceNow Consultant, for winning Technologist of the Year!🎉 Cliff's positive attitude and fantastic support contributes to the success of our ServiceNow projects.

Congratulations Sohrab Zibaii, Account Executive, for winning the Iron Man of the Year Award!🎉 Sohrab is committed, reliable, and an overall great team-player in our Business Development department.

With such great talent here at CoreSphere, it's always difficult to choose just one award winner. Congratulations Sepehr Darya, Proposal Manager, for winning the Iron Man of the Year Award!🎉 Sepehr is a dedicated leader who lives up to the core values of this company.

Work Anniversaries

A work anniversary is a significant milestone! Every new year with a great team member, isn’t just another tally in their records—it’s an achievement that should be celebrated with purpose. They’ve built relationships, accomplished goals, and made an impact on your company, all things that should be celebrated. CoreSphere thanks all of you (featured below) for your hard work and dedication.

Cheers to Tiana Miller, Project Manager, for celebrating 5 years with CoreSphere! Tiana's vibrant personality and the passion she brings to every project resonates with everyone she comes into (virtual) contact with. Tiana, thanks for all of your hard work!

Cheers to Inbaraj Durairaj, Principal Consultant, for celebrating 5 years with CoreSphere! Inbaraj is an excellent team-player, who is dedicated to the success of our team and our projects.

Cheers to Hafsa Syed, Principal Consultant, for celebrating 5 years with CoreSphere! Hafsa plays an integral part of the team's success and is a dedicated colleague who lives up to our core values of this company.

Cheers to Maggie Wang, VP of Finance and HR, for celebrating five years with CoreSphere! Maggie's trustworthiness, honesty, and dedication drive the HR dept. and her leadership lives up to our core values of this company.

Cheers to Drew Manning, VP of Delivery, for celebrating six years with CoreSphere! Drew's strategic tactics, great leadership, and dedication to the team drives our many successes seen across the company.

Cheers to Nate Vance, Sr. Solution Architect, for celebrating 5 years with CoreSphere! Nate is a great leader, who always gives a helping hand. His positive attitude drives the many successes of our Salesforce projects.

Cheers to Rajiv Bartakke, ServiceNow Director, for celebrating 5 years with CoreSphere! Raj's go-to attitude and spirited demeanor is felt throughout the whole company, but especially in our ServiceNow department.

Again, CoreSphere would like to thank our entire staff for their hard work and dedication!


Interested in joining our amazing team? We're hiring! Check out our career opportunities.


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