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CoreSphere Computers for a Cause

For orphans in a remote village in Nepal, access to technology, information, and the world around them was not a possibility. However, the world for one of these orphanages just got a little larger with the help of Keith Federman and CoreSphere’s generosity.

The season of giving is just around the corner, however, CoreSphere actively gives all year round. As a tech company, we rely on computers to get our jobs done and we want to share the same tools and potential with these young girls, who would benefit from having a laptop for their education and exploring the world. Balance, action, and adaptability are a part of our company’s values, and those values moved us to help these girls in Nepal.

The Small Home for Our Daughters (Sano Ghar) is a charitable organization, in Chitwan, Nepal, that cares for 21 orphaned and abandoned little girls. Keith Federman, liaison, began transporting goods, resources, and smiles to the orphanage after a trip to Nepal. Now he networks around the Washington metropolitan area, gathering resources for the girls in need.

Bimla Shrestha, founded Sano Ghar nine years ago, “Sano Ghar started from my heart;" she reminisced. The kids were very poor, no food for them at their home. Here at Sano Ghar children can make their future better.” The orphanage is far from any large city, in a rural area, making it difficult for resources volunteers and materials to reach them.

Donations are Important

Though volunteers and donors often bring food, clothing and occasionally toys, the gift of technology helps offer potential and access to knowledge. Bimla shares, “Computers will help with learning language and help provide long distance tutoring in math and science. We always need food, clothes and stationery. Most importantly, we need land to expand. There are never enough donors.”

The girls posing for a photo with their laptops.

“It's about a Chain of Giving that connects people to people. It's about kindness and caring people working together to make 21 little girls smile and preparing them with the skills and technology to help them build a bright, and happy future.” - Keith Federman, Liaison with Small Home for Our Daughters.

Giving them a Better Chance at Life

The goal should be to give the girls the best life possible. The village has few resources, so help from outside donors is essential to make that possible. The girls at Sano Ghar have received bicycles for exercise, tae kwon do classes for self-defense, meditation classes and education for a better future, but help is needed to sustain and improve what is currently available.

There isn’t a more generous time than the holidays, but with creative planning, you can leverage all that goodwill to a better understanding of homelessness in the community and third-world countries. You can give each member of your community a great role in ending it.

“CoreSphere believes in fostering employees’ professional and personal growth through certification, engagement, and education. We devote our resources to chairty because it's simply the right thing to do,” said Shailesh Gupta, Managing Partner.

There are an estimated one million orphaned and abandoned children in Nepal. In addition to Sano Ghar, Keith will be visiting seven other orphanages and hostiles in December. If you have any financial and material donations that you would be willing to provide, your generosity would be appreciated! Connect with Keith for more information.

How will you get involved?

A special thanks to the people get involved: Andy Jupin, who prepared the drivers for the trip Nepal; Prabin Tamrakar, his wife Deepa Rajkarnikar, and their daughter Hridayesha for bringing them from the Washington D.C. area to Kathmandu, Nepal; Sonal Shrestha and Anil Shrestha for picking them up and transporting them to their new home in Chitwan; and Amita Moniga for helping to translate Bimla’s Hindi.


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