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Highlighting our CoreSphere Professionals for Women's History Month

Happy Women's History Month! March is Women's History Month, the annual celebration of achievements of women and a time for recognizing the central role of women in U.S. history. We want to share and spotlight a few of our CoreSphere women in tech and their achievements.

Meet Yoseni Dunphy, Principal Business Analyst. "IT is constantly changing and it is a challenge I welcome because I love learning. WIT inspire and motivate me to move forward in my career."


Meet Jiawen (Carmen) Zheng, Principal Business Analyst. "Men and women see things differently and bring unique ideas to the table. This enables better problem solving, which can boost performance at the business unit level. Increasing the diversity of teams leads to more and better innovation and improved financial performance in both developing and developed economies."


Meet Ranjana Basu, Sr. Salesforce Developer. "The tech field doesn't only mean coding, there are many other roles like Computer Science. This is a growing field, and we desperately need more talented people. Women can't be left behind."


Meet Anusha Neerukonda, Salesforce Developer at CoreSphere! "IT makes everything easier, the backbone to make everything into reality faster, more efficiently, more reliably, or using fewer resources. I love being part of it! Diversity always feeds creativity and innovation. Having more women is the first step towards diversity."


Meet Sweta Vaidya, Salesforce Functional & Process Manager. "I enjoy working in IT because the pace of tech advancement helps us to be present and evolve as a person. Seeing women in technology is very important because we are able to find creative solutions to resolve issues, multi-task with other priorities, and keep ourselves challenged and prepared with what's to come."


Meet Kelly Naylor, Business Analyst Manager.

"I like working in IT because I get to work alongside intelligent and inspiring people while using technology to solve problems. The IT field is ever evolving and that keeps work fun and interesting. It is important to see Women in Tech because we bring a unique perspective and we can show the younger generation that with drive and ambition, anything is possible!"


Meet Tiana Miller, CSM, Project Manager.

"I enjoy working in IT because it's innovative and everchanging. There is a true joy in creating something from nothing that users will benefit from for years to come. It's important for Women to work in IT because diversity breeds new ideas, new strategies, and new problem solvers."


Meet Desire Mutesi, Lead Recruiter at CoreSphere.

"IT is a UNIVERSAL language to me! Something that changes and keeps you on your toes!"


Meet Lily Foks, Partner Alliances Manager. "It's vital to see women in tech so the next generation of women are free to explore and pursue any career they want--coding or otherwise! Women bring an important perspective to the user experience and engagement."


Introducing Kathy Khalessi, one of our newest Project Managers joining the CoreSphere team. "It's important to encourage girls in school to follow their interests. IT organizations need to have more diverse teams."


Meet Joann Hernandez, the Marketing Coordinator at CoreSphere. "IT or any industry should grow in a business model that includes multiple perspectives to engage and learn from women. We bring so much to the table; it's time that we collaborate diversely and inclusively."


Meet Alina Zarr, Sales and Operations Manager.

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