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The 3 Key Principles of Digital Transformation to Streamline Government

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Digital transformation represents the greatest opportunity for any and all organizations in the 21st century. For the US Federal Government, this is especially true as they seek innovations to serve their citizens and peer organizations better, faster and more efficiently. As a result, Government digital leaders across the globe have made innovation a #1 priority as they seek to deliver new business models, create new digital customer experiences, and automate their processes, and optimize their businesses performance. The following recommendations are presented as a best practice for leaders to follow during their digital transformation process.

Understand Your Work and Your Data

To implement digital innovations, leaders need to assess the “Digital Maturity “of the processes and the data employed by their enterprise from three different perspectives: velocity, intelligence and experience. Leaders are encouraged to review, measure and baseline the organization’s core business processes. It is key that leaders conduct this assessment before implementing any specific digital transformation. By looking at the enterprise from a process perspective, leaders will be more successful in building high-impact digital transformations into the organizations core business functions.

Re-Think and Re-define Processes

Once leaders complete their assessment, the next step is to identify an IT solution platform that will allow their enterprise to re-think and re-design their processes to support their digital transformation objectives.

Choosing ServiceNow as their organization’s core platform, leaders will be afforded a modern digital transformation solution with proven technologies (e.g. workflows, intelligence, security). In addition, ServiceNow provides leaders and organizations a flexible, low-code/no-code platform for creating/updated process flows to quickly respond to changes that occur over time or scale to support increases in volume.

Re-designing processes allows leaders to consider some of the following initiatives as part of their digital transformation:

Website Modernization

Add or transform the organization’s website to be the new “go to” ServiceNow Portal to support various users to get help and find answers in one convenient place. Ensure that the website reflects the evolving objectives, communications, and needs of those both inside and outside the organization. This could include employees, other agencies and other stakeholders.

Digitization of Government services and forms

Modernize existing legacy systems by re-platforming them onto ServiceNow. Reach out to partners, such as CoreSphere, to implement the next generation of digital services. CoreSphere’s proven record of success through cloud platforms, automation, deploying lean processes, providing deep analytics and intelligent automation.

Electronic Signatures

Implement a solution that is designed to optimize the process of certifying documents and editing and accelerating their workflow without using extra space and wasting time. E-signatures can reduce complexity with authorization and seamlessly integrate with an e-signature.

Customer Experience and Digital Service Delivery Review customer surveys and seek to implement innovations and improvements to the channels and services offered to customers. Implant a culture of success through digital service delivery.

Measure Outcomes and Show Value

Once implemented, leaders should measure outcomes against those baselined during their assessment. The process of “Continuous Improvement” is key to understanding what can be improved and how best to do so whether it is through people, process or technology. Federal agencies leaders engaged in digital transformation must adapt and adopt to meet the challenges and opportunities of today’s digital world. Regardless of where leaders stand today, new platforms and technologies are available to help transform their organization. The opportunities are waiting, and the future is now. Success requires a methodical process, strong leadership, and a willingness to try new approaches and technologies. So, to enable your digital transformation journey, remember these three key principles: Understand Your Work and Data, Rethink and re-define processes, and Measure Outcomes.

CoreSphere is a Sales, Service and Public Sector partner of ServiceNow with close to 20 years of experience helping federal agencies leverage technology to successfully transform their organizations into digitally driven enterprises.


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