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Conga to the Rescue

Salesforce is an excellent platform for being able to organize data, report on that data and provide interaction points with clients and customer. But what happens when complex documents or reports need to be created and shared from data stored in Salesforce? This is where Conga Composer comes in with their easy to install, AppExchange add-in. Conga also has solutions for report delivery, data management, and contract lifecycle automation, but I will be focusing solely on their Composer solution. The Composer solution also contains add-ons that included; Workflow (ties into Salesforce workflow rules), Mail Merge (creates mass mailings), and Conductor (batching of Composer jobs).

Conga Composer provides the ability to create a document that contains data from any object within Salesforce and export it in various formats, including MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF and HTML email. That finalized document can be then saved to numerous applications including: Salesforce, GoogleDrive, Box, and SharePoint or the document can be downloaded with just a quick configuration parameter change. The process of creating, saving or emailing a document can be done with user intervention or set to run in “background” mode where the user does not need to intervene.

Source: GetConga.com

The great thing about the creation of the documents via Conga Composer is that you can pull the data via Salesforce reports or by creating queries for use when pulling more complex data where reports would not work. Business rules can also be applied to the merged document where sentences, paragraphs or tables. can be conditionally shown or hidden depending on the rule that is exercised.

With the addition of Conga Composer to your Salesforce organization, there are endless possibilities to create merged documents, invoices, reports and emails. Some of my future blog posts will go into a deeper depth of possibilities that are available with the use of Conga. Schedule some time with CoreSphere for an in-depth demo of Conga’s capabilities pertaining to how they can fit your business needs.

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