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Digital Transformation; Solutions That Serve People

You may have heard or read the term “digital transformation” (aka “DX”) with increasing frequency lately, particularly surrounding certain public and private sector organizations who have made it a top priority. Simply stated: digital transformation is the act of implementing digital technology solutions within all areas of an organization.

Jumping in a little deeper requires us to discuss the goals of digital transformation. For some, the goal is to modernize processes with scalable options for future growth. For others, digital transformation could mean providing additional value in the form of unique services or a modern “consumerized experience” to its users. There are many reasons to engage in a digital transformation, but we at CoreSphere believe there is a single goal that trumps all other goals.

The Highest Priority Goal of Digital Transformation

CoreSphere genuinely believes that serving people is the paramount goal from which all other digital transformation project goals should burgeon. As you develop your Digital Transformation initiative, you might want to ask yourself and others in your organization two questions: “Whom does this serve?” and “How does this serve them?”

If an implemented digital transformation proves a hindrance, what good is said digital transformation? If your solution isn’t intuitive for employees, partners, and customers, then a high-dollar digital transformation initiative is unlikely to be adopted by users, and it just becomes a bigger burden than before.

Solutions that Serve People

Sure, it is easy to suggest that a digital transformation solution serves people; it’s almost a no-brainer, but let’s think about what a “solution that serves people” looks like?

That is one of the questions that CoreSphere always focuses on answering, and it turns out the answer is simultaneously the same and yet unique for each organization. For all digital transformation initiatives that we lead, we collaborate with our clients to build solutions that are designed to serve people in unique ways. Many of the solutions we deploy bring people together to collaborate more easily; whether through automating repetitive processes, enabling social listening, deploying new channels for customer engagement, or eliminating unnecessary paperwork. The fundamental point is that the technology must serve the people – not the other way around. Without people, what is technology anyway? Digital transformation is a means to an end; not the other way around.

Benefits of ServiceNow Enterprise Service Desk

One of our clients came to us with a digital transformation request focused on establishing an Enterprise Service Desk to support a new state-wide enterprise-wide network services contract based on a Gartner and Forrester industry-leading cloud-based solution offered by ServiceNow. Our client’s objective was to serve their customers by providing a centralized solution for employees that would save time, keep costs low, and quickly expand in scale and capacity.

We built a tailored digital transformation solution based on the ServiceNow platform and IT Service Management (ITSM) application suite in just five months. Our solution enabled our client to provide a streamlined cloud-based enterprise-wide service desk solution and to establish a technology platform that ensures future growth and scalability.

Our solution provides service desk agents and employees with 24/7/365 service desk access in real-time. This Enterprise Service Desk implementation serves employees with incident management tools, a live knowledge base, problem management tools, and a robust service portal for self-service. While implementing these new digital technologies, our team also built a seamless integration between the Enterprise Service Desk solution and the Identity Management System so users would not have to sign onto an enterprise system more than once.

The results of our solution exceeded the expectations of our client and their employees. We deployed technology that served people by exposing the most up-to-date service desk information to users whenever they wanted. Not only were employees empowered to follow-up on the status of their Helpdesk tickets directly, but they also became more satisfied with their service desk experience. The client’s operation management department also benefited because call deflection was reduced, thereby reducing the costs associated with managing the service desk.

Ultimately, our solution set the foundation for our customer to develop scalable growth of their enterprise service desk. Our client used this solution to extend its service desk functionality not only to their internal agents and employees, but also to their customers, partners, and other supporting organizations. By expanding the benefits offered initially to agents and employees, the organization realized a significant improvement in user experiences and an overall reduction in external support costs. Our customer can also help more people by enhancing and broadening their solution and connecting these enhancements all on a single, unified platform that can also support the re-platforming and retirement of antiquated legacy systems. Some of these options include:

  • Enhancing their IT

  • Supporting the IT infrastructure team with IT Operations Management (ITOM)

  • Integrating the Security Operations Center (SOC) with Security Operations (SecOps)

  • On-boarding employees more efficiently with HR Service Delivery (HRSD)

  • Deploying IT Business Management (ITBM) functions like Finance or Project Management

Digital Transformation to Serve Your People

Digital transformation doesn’t have to be cumbersome. Using industry-leading technology, CoreSphere implemented a highly-rated Enterprise Service Desk solution that improves the experiences for a broad scope of users, all within five just months. Even after "Go Live”, this digital transformation solution continues to prove its long-term value among employees, customers, partners, and is inspiring employees to think about how to expand and scale this solution for future needs. Digital transformation is not just making things digital; it is using digital technologies to serve people.

We will be at the ServiceNow Federal Summit in DC on March 4, 2019. Schedule a time to meet with our ServiceNow lead either at the show or in the next few days to discuss how CoreSphere can provide your organization with a people-focused Digital Transformation solution.


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