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CoreSphere's Growth & Employee Appreciation Day!

On Friday, March 1, 2019, CoreSphere held its annual All-Hands Meeting. We strategically chose this date so as to coincide with National Employee Appreciation Day. At a company-catered lunch, company leaders reviewed 2018 and revealed new goals and initiatives for 2019.

A Review of 2018 - Growth & Stability Through Adversity

As many will recall, 2018 ended with a significant government shutdown that had a severe impact on government employees, agencies, and customers. US citizens have felt the squeeze of the economic impact, and the conversation surrounding the stability of company jobs has taken a turn toward derision. CoreSphere administration announced to employees that, not only have we not laid off any employees in this adverse climate, but we also grew and added to CoreSphere team. On top of that, employees can now enjoy a newly added Employee referral perk for 2019!

Moving Forward - A Company Built by Employees

Adminstration went over several company initiatives, including a growing increased social and charitable events calendar, a new company portal, and our upcoming employee satisfaction surveys. This meeting included an Employee Appreciation Day lunch, and the marketing team offered employees the chance to have their professional head shots done in the office. We also took a moment to celebrate February and March employee birthdays with cake and gifts! Unfortunately, our off-site employees could not partake, but as we mentioned in our meeting, CoreSphere will be moving forward with inclusive employee initiatives to celebrate all of our employees, including those who are on-site with customers and those who work remotely. Finally, we thank all of our employees for their hard work and dedication to making CoreSphere everything that is has grown to be.

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