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A Year in Review: CoreSphere's Growth for 2020

Updated: Jan 28

CoreSphere is starting off the new year running! On Friday, January 24, 2020, CoreSphere held its quarterly All-Hands Meeting. At a company-catered lunch, company leaders reviewed 2019 and revealed new goals and initiatives for 2020.

A Review of 2019 - Growth & Stability Through Adversity

2019 was a thriving year for CoreSphere. With the support of our team, we became a Salesforce Gold Partner, sponsored the Salesforce World Tour and Salesforce Basecamp for Government and Aerospace, both in Washington D.C.

We also won several contracts in the federal sector, including a ReadySpectGo! license sale to HUD (Department of Housing and Urban Development) that will help spearhead the NSPIRE program. CoreSphere is dedicated to developing solutions that serve and empower people. To provide customers with the best possible solutions, CoreSphere employs their proprietary CoreSphere Agile Framework to ensure client solutions are implemented faster, within budget, and comply with each client’s unique security requirements.

Not only is CoreSphere focused on providing exemplary, people-centric technology experiences, CoreSphere is also dedicated to its workforce; CoreSphere provides its employees with training, accreditation programs, professional certifications, and enhanced educational opportunities while at the same time, providing opportunities for and encouraging their employees to serve others. We held a webinar on Empowering your Organization with Salesforce Einstein AI with CoreSphere's very own, Amol Buche, who took us behind the scenes of how to implement Einstein Platform features.

The year ended with many federal administration issues that had a negative impact on government employees, agencies, and customers. US citizens have felt the squeeze of the social impact, and the conversation surrounding the stability and safety of employees and company jobs has taken a turn toward derision. CoreSphere administration announced to employees that, not only have we grown and added to CoreSphere team, we’re taking the necessary initiative to create an equal opportunity atmosphere for personal and professional growth within our company.

Moving Forward - A Company Built by Employees

Administration went over several company initiatives, including a growing increased social and charitable events calendar, a new company portal, a new leadership program, and a new organizational structure for necessary support and career growth opportunity. Unfortunately, our off-site employees could not partake, but were able to join on a live stream as we are moving forward to take initiative to make everyone feel involved.

2020 will be a transformative year for us all at CoreSphere. We aim to release new solution strategies as well as maintaining and adding to our Salesforce and ServiceNow accreditation. We’re also planning to increase the size of our team and the clients we support. One of our goals is to become a leading partner in the cloud industry across the nation.

Finally, we thank all our employees, clients and colleagues for their hard work, dedication, and support to making CoreSphere everything that is has grown to be.

Interested in joining our amazing team? We're hiring! Check out our career opportunities.

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