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Empower Your Organization with Salesforce Einstein AI - A CoreSphere Webinar

Artificial Intelligence (AI), once only considered science fiction, has now become a reality. AI has come a long way, becoming a mainstream reality that takes organizations beyond the legacy approach.

Most organizations today are incredibly interested in what AI can do for them, but they’re unsure how to get started.

During this webinar, Amol Buche, CoreSphere Solutions Architect, will walk attendees through the basics of Salesforce Einstein platform and explain various use cases for implementing powerful Einstein Analytics features. Mr. Buche will take audiences behind the scenes to implement Einstein Platform features and share best practices for both the public sector as well as commercial organizations.

As part of our webinar, you can expect to:

1. Understand What AI Is and What It Is Not

2. Discover Salesforce Einstein Platform AI Features

3. Review Best Practices and Implementation Approach

4. Watch A Demonstration of Implementing AI Features

5. Discuss Additional Considerations For Public Sector Customers

Salesforce Einstein is a set of AI technologies that enables Salesforce CRM users to implement machine learning and natural language processing algorithms by analyzing Salesforce data to discover insights, predict outcomes, and recommend best actions.

While that sounds complicated and intensive, the beauty of Salesforce Einstein is that it delivers several AI features that can be seamlessly integrated into the Salesforce CRM platform and used by anyone in your organization with ease.


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