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Modernizing Customer Engagement

Updated: May 2, 2019

Customer Experience (CX) is a buzzword that you may have seen in articles or posts about Digital Transformation or Customer Engagement recently. Customer Experience, often referred to as CX, is defined as the ongoing interaction between a customer and an organization. There are certain nuances to this definition based on the organization type and purpose, but this definition will suffice to describe 90% of the customer experience.

Why Does CX Matter?

Why does everyone suddenly care about customer experience? To be blunt, customer experience has always been a top priority, but the reason this topic is growing in popularity is due more so to the “How” rather than the “Why” as technology evolves. Organizations of all size and type are finding that with the growing landscape of our modern digital world, there are a significant amount of communication channels, and effectively utilizing them can be a conquest. That’s why CoreSphere has developed a solution to modernize customer engagement no matter what the size or mission of the organization.

Organizations of all sizes frequently spend large amounts of resources trying to understand and connect with their customers, let alone provide a positive customer experience. If you’ve read our other articles, you’ll know that CoreSphere places people as the highest priority within any technological project. We believe that modernizing the customer experience relies heavily on both an organization’s employees and an organization’s customers, and our digital transformation solutions reflect this. Technology should work for people, not the other way around.

Unifying Your Resources

Imagine your organization being able to listen to all your social media accounts in one place and respond to posts. Then, if further action is needed, turn customer posts into a case that can be automatically routed appropriately to someone who can resolve this issue. Imagine that the case manager can reach out to the customer if needed during the case duration and after it is solved, and then thank your customer for their help. Imagine all this occurring while the system that powers it obtains metrics about the customer and their experience throughout the process.

Alternatively, imagine hearing general feedback or even high praise, and being able to route the message appropriately through the company and use it to bolster your customer experience.

Now imagine that same infrastructure can tie together all omnichannel customer feedback and create a powerful customer engagement control center designed specifically for your team and your customers.

It is this solution that CoreSphere developed for one of our newest clients who engages directly with millions of customers annually. By implementing our Customer Engagement Solution for our client using the Salesforce Platform, we provided them the overall control over customer engagement. The best part about the solution is that it can be adapted for any size business from a massive airport with thousands of daily customer touch-points, to a federal or non-profit agency hoping to better the experiences of their audiences, to a small business hoping simply to streamline their processes.

Utilizing AI

To modernize our client’s customer support, social media listening, and overall customer engagement capabilities, we used Salesforce Service Cloud, Salesforce Marketing Cloud/Social Studio and Salesforce’s Einstein AI. By providing this omnichannel solution for the client’s multiple customer satisfaction feedback channels on the Salesforce platform, we provided a powerful control center and case management platform that can handle every customer issue both big and small. In unifying our client’s resources and providing a knowledge base for all customer experience and customer engagement feedback, we were able to develop automated case routing to the correct subject-matter expert for the customer’s situation (utilizing Einstein’s suggested classification), track the feedback, and confirm resolution. This solution is a significant time-saver; it has reduced response time, improved the business process, and gives our client’s customers with an improved experience that ultimately reflects highly on our client’s brand. Utilizing Salesforce’s Einstein allowed the customer to ensure the cases are routed correctly but analyzing customer provided case text and suggesting routing decisions.

With this advanced system also comes improved social monitoring. Using Salesforce Einstein business intelligence in Social Studio to assist with case sentiment analysis from social media accounts also provides an additional benefit to our clients to analyze trends. This analysis allows our client to anticipate the customer experience and get ahead of potential customer issues and trends.

Happy Employees, Happy Customers

Ultimately, CoreSphere’s solution to modernize this customer experience for our client has made it possible for them to empower their customers and their employees. Through this bespoke customer engagement solution, they were able to realize faster customer issue resolution, and through that alone they continue to drive customer satisfaction to a whole new level than ever before. Customers are engaging and feeling heard, employees are finding it easier to connect with customers, the overall solution has been revolutionary in keeping employees and customers happy.

Seeing Results

With any new solution comes metrics. Our customer expressed a need to capture specific metrics required for their organization, including overall sentiment of their social media accounts and case resolution time. In additional, their size and industry require understanding customer feedback on a large scale and being able to identify the types of customer feedback, so tracking actionable metrics on customer feedback was essential. The dashboards we developed for them catered to their ask and more.

Ultimately, results come from a system that is easy to use, intuitive, and built for the people it serves in mind.

Contact us to schedule a call or demo and find out how CoreSphere can modernize your customer engagement program to save you time and money.

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