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Salesforce Job Application Best Practices According to a Recruitment Manager

We know job searching can be difficult, especially in a competitive Salesforce ecosystem. But, you have to keep in mind recruiting managers get hundreds of applications a day. So how do you stand out and get a call back? Here is some first-hand insight and tips from a recruiting manager.

Q: What are you looking for when you see a resume?

A: I'm looking at their skills and experience to see if it aligns with the job description. Try to be consistent and specific to your experience, leadership roles and the requirements listed in the job description when applying. I understand that you want to highlight your best self, but don't forget to be truthful in the application process. It would also help to have your full name, location, and most current email address to make searches fast and easy!

Q: If candidates have questions about the job process, what should they do before contacting you?

A: Make sure you read the full job description, check out the available social media channels, and search the website. Do your homework — on the company, make sure you can find as much information as you can, so you understand the role and are better equipped to ask questions that are specific. Nine times out of ten, a lot of questions can be answered through a simple Google search.

Q: Any other advice on the job application process?

A: Be patient! I know when you're actively looking for jobs, you want to compare your options and accept the job with the best fit. But, we also want to find people that are a right fit to the company and fit the job description. We want positive, self-starters who appreciate our values that can grow in and outside the company. Carry yourself with confidence and good luck!

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*It's confirmed that the testimonial provided is authentic and has been approved by the CoreSphere hiring manager.


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