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CoreSphere and Learn to Play Ambitious Education Initiative

CoreSphere sponsors a child from the Learn to Play program in Botswana, Africa

BETHESDA, April 15, 2020 — CoreSphere LLC announced today that it will sponsor a child from the Learn to Play program in Botswana, Africa to support early education initiatives on a global scale. The funds are directly used for the child’s developmental growth to increase awareness of the wellness and development of young children in third-world countries, raise involvement and engage corporate businesses to promote education and wellness. Shailesh Gupta, Managing Partner, hailed the project and the partnership: “CoreSphere’s values and morals are focus on informing people and inspiring action toward tech and educational solutions for a variety of nonprofit organizations focused on education. Ensuring local and global availability of free, accessible education opportunities is an important way to encourage people to support education on a global scale. It’s a win-win for the child and their community.” “The Learn to Play program symbolizes our mission for a healthier, happier and more sustainable education for vulnerable children in Botswana,” said Priyanka Handa Ram, Learn to Play Founder. “The program gives free access to quality early childhood education to children under five in marginalized and impoverished communities. When we work together, we can have a profound impact on communities across the country and around the world.” Each year, CoreSphere finds organizations and nonprofits that we believe have achieved and are striving to help and prosper people in their community and around the world. These are local organizations that enhance the positive image of volunteering, fundraising, and corporate giving through service to their volunteers and our community. These exceptional organizations help create community solidarity and mutual care for others. Ensuring that the children are prepared for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century, such as social, economic, and technological change, requires re-imagining traditional approaches to learning; play-based learning. Play-based learning creates a space in which children are free to explore, analyze, and solve problems using their inherent capabilities such as curiosity and imagination.

About CoreSphere, LLC Founded in 2003, CoreSphere is a cloud innovation company focused on modernizing the core operations of any organization with cloud-based implementations and leading digital transformations. Headquartered in Bethesda, MD, we are a highly dedicated group of certified and accredited professionals boast a successful record of accomplishment delivering modular cloud-based, mission-critical advisory services and implementation services using SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS. CoreSphere, LLC is a certified Salesforce Gold Consulting Partner, Salesforce ISV partner, and certified ServiceNow Sales, Service and Public Sector Partner. CoreSphere website: www.coresphere.com CoreSphere, LLC Contact: Joann Hernandez Marketing Coordinator, CoreSphere, LLC Joann.Hernandez@coresphere.com About Learn to Play Learn to Play, or Ithute Go Tshameka in Setswana, is a nonprofit organization that teach early-learning curriculum through Community Initiated Playgroups to provide early childhood intervention through sustainable play in the outdoor African environment. Learn to Play Contact: Priyanka Handa Ram REWA Education Centre Plot 10289 Leopard Road Gaborone, Botswana




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